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Local Independent Framing Expert   
LIFEsm, an acronym for: Local Independent Framing Expert,was first developed by John Barlowe owner of Frame Shop Art Gallery & Gifts of Holland,Ohio as a way of setting apart his own locally owned business from the Big Impersonal Chain Stores. It became such a success that he wanted to share it with other independents as well.

What can a LIFEsm framer do for you?

Your Local Independent Framing Experts can offer you unparalleled frame designs and everyday fair pricing that you just won't get at the BIg Box Stores.

  • Your Local Independent Framing Experts genuinely love what they do, and have the ability to go above and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied customer - saving you time, money and stress.
  • Your precious items are carefully handled and protected by your Local Independent Framing Expertwhile in their care.
  • Your Local Independent Framing Expert most likely has years of experience as well as ongoing training for their chosen career, as opposed to a few hours of training before being assigned to that department at the Big Box Store.Local Independent Framing Experts contribute to your community's economic success.
  • More money stays in your community when you patronize locally owned businessas opposed to shopping a national chain - money that is used to employ local people, support local non-profits, and buy local products.
  • Local Independent Framing Experts reflect the values and interests of their communities, where you can interact with the owners of the business.
  • Local Independent Framing Experts and organizations offer goods and services that you might not find anywhere else, making your community a vibrant, authentic place that is different from other communities.
  • Local Independent Framing Experts sponsor and participate in events benefiting the community,
    and donate goods and services to local non-profits. They live here, work here, play here.
  • Local Independent Framing Experts directly see how their business impacts on our environment and community, and have the freedom to implement innovative programs to address these issues.

We hope that as a consumer you will support your community by sharing your LIFEsm with a friend and neighbor.

 Local Independent Framing Expert

 To find a Local Independent Framing Expert in your area, or to find out how to become a partner, please click on the link.

 Local Independent Framing Expert
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“John does absolutely wonderful work. He has a great eye and attention to detail.”
Renay Conlin , General & Artistic Director , Toledo Opera
June 29, 2009

“John is a meticulous custom framer who's attention to detail shows not only in his craftsmanship of framing skills, but also in the manner in which he operates his retail business, Frame Shop Art Gallery & Gifts. Although a frame shop owner for only the past 5 years, John brings to the custom framing industry similar mechanical and design skills of 20 years in the Kitchen Design industry. His commitment to serving his customers well is illustrated in his approach to embracing technology and innovation within his frame shop. John is a active participant in his local Professional Picture Framing Association Chapter. John has an open attitude towards working and networking with fellow retailers and business people regardless to locale, while he continues to stride in setting his own business ahead.”
John Ranes II , Owner , The Frame Workshop of Appleton, Inc.
April 4, 2009


“John has provided quality framing for our organization, that has far exceeded our expectations. He also provides many different products/services that can enhance, display and preserve pictures, awards and various mementos.”
Keith Daly, April 9th. 2009