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This page has nothing to do with framing, but with working and living in the Toledo area.

I want to share with you some services and products that I have found useful in my own life.

Last year (2017) I decided to built a small greenhouse and a few raised beds. Having never gardened before I met with limited success, I believe mostly because I couldn't find time to keep up with watering. This year I installed a drip irrigation system which is going to be great - easier and less expensive than I imagined.

I found the products from Dripdepot to be the most extensive and very affordable. They have a lot of information to help you design an affordable easy to install system yourself in just a few hours time.

The CleaningBs service allows you to get on with the more important things in your life.

Life is hectic today, and you have so many things to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Let us lift your burden, so you can do the things you need to do and enjoy. CleaningBs can set a cleaning schedule that fits your time and budget.


Personally, I deal with a lot of pain and inflammation and this PEFM device is amazing.

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