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Bulk Photo Scanning

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If your family is anything like mine you have 100's if not 1000's of family photos. Like mine, some of those photos found their way into neatly arranged photo albums or in picture frames but most were thrown  into some old boxes. There they sat awaiting that day, when you had the time to do something with them. There they sit, and as time goes by their colors begin to fade away, they get brittle with age even become cracked or torn.  

Although time hasn't been kind to your treasured family photos, it has brought about technology that can help preserve them for future generations. The best thing you can do for them now, is to scan and digitize them. 

Disorganized box of old photos
USB stick

You may have thought about buying a decent scanner and doing it your self someday. What stopped you? Perhaps you realized that scanning 1000's of photos, one at a time on a regular flatbed scanner would be a really time consuming job, taking days or even weeks of your time.

A commercial quality scanner capable of doing quick batch scans in combination with software that can do color correction and touchups is needed. Such a scanner does exist, but costs too much to make it an affordable atlernative for most individuals to own.

Frame Shop Art Gallery & GIfts has made the investment in bulk photo scanning technology for the benefit of our customers. We serve all of the greater Toledo, Northwest Ohio and South-East Michigan area with affordable, safe and local bulk photo scanning services. 

 With our Hi-Tech, Hi-Speed Scanner we can digitize all of your treasured photos for less than the cost of doing it yourself and with much better results.

Your digitized images can have their color restored and minor flaws corrected. Your digitized files can be saved in countless way for you to share with family and friends. Backup copies are easily made to assure future peace of mind. Imagine all of the things you can do with your photos in this digital age. Price and Instructions

Seems simple enough, you want to enlarge your photo into an 8x10. Trouble is when you take it to the DIY kiosk it cuts off their heads. We can crop, edit, enlarge and print it for you and even add text. Costs less than you might think, typically under $15.00

DIY enlarge photo with heads cut off


To preserve and protect your precious family photos please keep these tips in mind. In order to keep the labor at a level for us to provide the quality low cost bulk scanning , we require the you to batch your photos in groups of approx. 25 - 50 of the same size print.  Your photos are fed into the scanner as they are received by us – and without any sorting and arranging. Taking a little extra care with preparing your photos batches of 25-50  will pay off in lower labor costs.

Placing them into the same direction will cause them to be saved in that direction. For best results please follow the suggestions listed in these instructions.

  • Pictures of the same size go into the scanner without any sorting by us. You will need to sort the same-size photos, facing and rotated in the same direction, [please keep horizontal and vertical in separate stacks] Please put a rubber band around these loosely or put them in Zip-Lock bags to keep your sorted sizes together. 

  • Please wipe dust and fingerprints off of photos while sorting them. Dusty photos will often show as a streak when they are scanned. We do our best to catch these but we are not responsible for dust or fingerprints.

  • We currently scan photos 3.5" x 5" up to 8” X 10” with our bulk scanning service. Please do not mix sizes within the same sorted batch.* Very small photos sometimes will not feed through our scanner depending on the weight of the photo paper.  

  • While photos with minor rips and tears do well with our bulk scanners – photos with anything sticky on them not only gum up our scanners – they will most likely become ruined during shipping to us, as the stickiness will transfer to other photos in your order. Please do yourself a favor and don’t send them. Photos with tape or sticky substances on them will not be scanned. 

  • We do offer a service, where we clean the photo prior to scanning (so that it can be scanned), and then restore the digital image to the best it can be. We’ve had great success with most photos having stains, rips, cracks, etc .

  • Please note that photos will be saved in the direction the batches are given to us in, unless you select an optional service where we will manually rotate photos prior to scanning. We will re-band / package the batches, although the order will most likely be scrambled within each batch due to how they feed into and exit the scanner. 

Bulk Photo Scanning - Preparation
Double side scanning / color correction/ higher DPI and other services are available at extra cost.
1000's of photos scanned to digital storage device
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