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Bulk Photo Scanning

Have you captured the perfect image and thought how great it would look “Room Size”

Well come in and talk to John at the Holland Frame Shop. We can upload or scan your image and then print it out on our professional large format Epson printer with archival inks, on your choice of Canvas or Fine Art Papers.

Competitive pricing

Wide Format Printing
Image of large printed image over couch

 Personalizing your home or work space with artwork custom framing is a great way to express your personality and to enjoy your surroundings. While others can go to the store and buy the same sofa, tables and lamps that you have, it is highly unlikely anyone will ever have the exact same custom framing as you.

Don't lose your head

Seems simple enough, you want to enlarge your photo into an 8x10. Trouble is when you take it to the DIY kiosk it cuts off their heads. We can crop, edit, enlarge and print it for you and even add text. Costs less than you might think, typically under $15.00

Image of enlarged photo

Need a photo fixed before printing?

No problem, come and see

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