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Diabetic Low Carb High Fat Facts and recipes

If you have been invited to view this private page you like me might have recently discovered that you are a diabetic. For me I waited too long to get diagnosed and when the nerve damage to my feet sent me to the doctor, I discovered my A1C was a whopping 11.3. Deathly, unreasonably afraid of needles, I immediately went on a search to find out what I could do to change things.  

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I discovered that the biggest problem was the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed by a diabetic and that if we can cut the carbs we can gain control over our diabetes and most can cut down or completely eliminate the need for insulin injections or other medications.  I found a group on Facebook that

I joined and changed my life in less than 3 months.

I was asked to help moderate that group and in that time, I developed the charts and recipes that I am going to share with you here. If you have any other questions or want further information, feel free to get in touch with me or Louise

It is important to cut out all highly processed food from your way of eating. Even more important for a diabetic is to cut out as many carbohydrates as possible. Yes that means you are going to give up some of your favorite foods but there are so many more delights to be found. Don't think of this LCHF food list as restrictive but just a jumping off point to countless delicious meals. 

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