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Same Bat Time, Same Bat Chanel !

Frame Shop has been Open in the Holland, Ohio for seventeen years. First we were on Orchard Centre Dr, where the Super Kroger is at. After we loss our lease at that location to make room for some more carrots, we moved over to S McCord Rd. where we have been for the last 9+ years. Well we have on more move in us. This time we are relocating our Award Winning business to our home location, with a private entrance to our showroom area. Covid taught us that we could operate our business as an Appointment Only, One on One basis and that both you are client and ourselves benefit. So as of March 31st we are closing our S. McCord Rd. location and on April 15th we will be Re-opening our Appointment only business from our home location on Gloucester Dr, just about 3 miles north of current location. I hope to have an appointment app on my website soon enough. In the meantime please call me at 419-868-7101 to schedule your One on One time.

Take note that our same website, my email, and phone # 419-868-7101 remains the same. The only difference is the address is changing.

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